This is the first single on 10 Kilo Records for The Melovskys who hale
from Mexico. A full live band, these crazy dudes from Meheeco have an
exciting sound. Its like Psychedelic, Funk, Electro with elements of
Pop, Techno and Rock. It sounds like if Aliens heard Pfunk, 80
Electro/Hip Hop and electronic sounds from the Noughties and
bastardized it. Unlike anything else out there and a lot of fun. It
sounds like should be played through a Ghetto Blaster. The remix is
from new act “Put Da Madre” from Barcelona. Stripped down, deep live
bass, a theramin and some cool programming and the remix adds an
interesting spin on the original. This is the good groove and has the
sound of the summer. Check it, its the puta madre!

The Melovskys – King of the Boombox EP


1.  King of the Boombox

2.  Intoxicated

3.  King of the Boombox (Put Da Madre Remix)


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