Proper Filthy Naughty

Proper Filthy Naughty (PFN) are one of the earliest acts on 10 Kilo and most successful.  They have released a series of singles that were all club hits licensed across a long list of A list DJ comp albums from Sasha and Digweed and Erik Morillo through to Ivan Smagghe, Ewen Pearson and Adam Freeland and many more.  The biggest hits were Stitch Up, Philter and Fascination but soon there will be a new offering from the highly talented producer  John Ross (aka Ronnie).  He has had many other projects including The Light, Kodak and Stirfry and is the producer behind Hyper and  has released on many labels including Hooj Choons, Bedrock, Distinctive and Ultra. PFN are one of the key artists on 10 Kilo and with a new single in the pipeline we can expect to be hearing something fresh and very naughty soon!


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