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Riggers is a phenomenal new discovery by 10 Kilo. No sooner as we had signed his first release, a host of other labels came in signing up all of his works. But no worries as this boy from Down Under is prolific to say the least and we here at 10 Kilo get first shout. Keep your eye out. Riggers is on a mission. This guy is hot. Seems like the perfect new act for 10 Kilo. Serious Bass action for the new generation.

Taking influences from producers such as; Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5, Krafty Kuts, Bass Kleph, Twocker, Jelo, Fukkk Offf, Stupid Fresh and Plump DJs, Riggers serves up a fresh genre infusion of breaks, electro, and fidget house to form his own unique style. Mixing quirky sounds, squeaks and bleeps, deadly basslines, and solid beats he creates an infectious sound that is guaranteed to make you move.

Riggers remixes and original productions have been quickly recognised with several featured releases and a track selected in Beatport’s “10 Must Hear Electro Tracks”, radio plays on Triple J and support from DJs worldwide including Audiobotz, Bass Kicka, Andru Pozzatron, Carbon Parlor, Woobbes, Defunct!, Micah Earnshaw, and Rubberteeth. With tracks signed to labels in Australia, Sweden, Germany, Spain, UK, Canada and USA Riggers music is set to go global. With more original tracks and bangin remixes on the horizon, his music is gaining momentum….

Riggers has played at Chinese Laundry, Candys, LePanic, Kinselas, Henry Afrikas, 151, and Coonies amongst other venues and is planning a world trip/tour in July 2011 taking in Germany, UK, France, Canada and America with assistance from other producers worldwide. You can catch Riggers cranking out DJ sets of funky, fidgety, electro and breaks always injecting his own productions into the mix.Get on board the Riggers revolution…….

Riggers has also forged a production partnership with Emass from The Audiophilez called “Gonuts” Their funky bassline driven track “cold turkey” stayed at number 1 in the triple j unearthed charts for many months and appeared on Billabong’s Who Then Now Snowboarding DVD. Their Debut EP, “A Ranga & Two Budgies” is out now on Phresh Digital USA and their remix of Hump Day Project’s “bingo” is also out now on Trouble Music.


Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/riggers
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/getrigged GONUTS: http://www.soundcloud.com/wegonuts Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/wegonuts


10 Kilo Records – Brekkie Beats EP Bacon Styles, The Krumpet Rumpy, The Bare Grill

Ho Ju Records – No Good in the neighbourhood, Speakermeat

Freaks Like Us Records – Wobble At The Disco EP Lets get disco, Wobblepuss (the wobbly cat)

Sketch Records – The Rumble Strip EP No Response, Nine Hours Drivin, We Can Drive

Bombeatzmusic Amp Jackers – Arctic Roll (Riggers hand on your head remix) Quadrangle Iambic – Hey HiFire (Riggers shotgun remix)

Blockbeats Music Sloprock – I Like it (Riggers get the sound remix) Soulskid – Remember the Time (Riggers no watch remix)

Phresh Digital – Get Rigged EP Find the cheezel…what my soul, Day in day out, good good feeling
Gonuts – A ranga and a Budgie EP Rangatang, Budgie Smuggler plus remixes

Mizumo Music 3L3CTRONIC – Intelligent Control (Riggers Lost Control remix) Fxd – Synthetik (Riggers Man Made Remix)
LJ MTX – Bown Sir (Riggers Guest List Mix)

Boink Music – Kenny Parkz – Let’s go (Riggers we’re there remix)

Bone Idle Records – Schenk – Ok! (Riggers Alrighty Then Remix) The Red Eyed Jedi plus remixes Black Mango plus remixes
Moozik Machine full length Album release including; Ninjabread man, Horny Party, Monkeys Undies, Bunyip, Tuna Smoothie, A.D.A.M, Gonk!, Riggerdub Stylin, The tale of the Wombie Dog, Thunderpants, Andru Pozzatron – get on up (Riggers leg up remix) plus more TBA release date July 2011

Sick Society Records Andru Pozzatron – My Drink (Riggers is Drunk Remix)

Blockhead Recordings Husky – Ezekiel 25:17 (My name is Riggers Remix) Bryan Dalton – Jaboom (Riggers boom boom down remix)

Bonerizing Records – Electrik Haze – Hell Robots (Riggers Robocop Remix)

Yeah Man Records – Cheeky D & MC Freeflow – I’m Think’n dance (Riggers Rug Cutter Remix)

Nu Style Recordings what the?

Trouble Music The Hump Day Project – Bingo (Gonuts Legs eleven remix)

Defunct! Feat MC Freeflow – That’s the game (Riggers money = Power Remix) HYPERLINK http://soundcloud.com/riggers/defunct-featuring-mc-freeflow-thats-the-game-riggers-money-power-remix http://soundcloud.com/riggers/defunct-featuring-mc-freeflow-thats-the-game-riggers-money-power-remix

Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a ladder (Riggers Play Music Remix)
HYPERLINK http://soundcloud.com/riggers/deadmau5-sofi-needs-a-ladder-riggers-play-music-remix-preview http://soundcloud.com/riggers/deadmau5-sofi-needs-a-ladder-riggers-play-music-remix-preview

Riggers 10 kilo records 10kilorecords fidget electro breaks brekkie beats ep


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