The Melovskys

The Melovskys are the Mexican connection. This crazy crew take their unique sound on stage for a full live experience. A blend of electro, funk, punk and getho tech their sound is dynamic and funky while being edgy and leftfield. Like listening to pop music from another planet under the influence of unknown substances….

The band take their influences from Justice, Soulwax, DSL, Mr. Oizo, Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, Misfits , Black Sabbath, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Boys Noize, Rick James, Grand Master Flash, Daft Punk…and I think probably just about explains their sound…

If you fancy something a little bit different, follow us and keep upto date with The Melovskys… will have a secret your friends don´t know about..

The Melovskys Bio:
Having been the backing band for a string of wonderfully kitsch and hugely successful pop groups for the better part of a decade gave the four members of The Melovskys the experience and the know-how to own the stage at 2009s Goliath festival in Mexico City. The festival was headlined by a who’s who of the band’s influences: Justice, The Faint, Fisherspooner, and Chromeo. During the band’s debut performance they introduced the crowd to their own blend of blazing, Atari-drenched electro with a venomous splash of downtown Mexican punk rock. Included in the show was a series of remixes made for some of their friends in the Latin rock and pop communities, and the local crowd was driven into a frenzy when the band brought those friends on stage to perform the remixes alongside them. With this unforgettable gig firmly in their pocket, The Melovskys earned further dues by hitting every dingy, dirty, and dicey club in the city of Mexico and a string of performances in Los Angeles and South America, bringing press, but most importantly, an ever-growing audience of fans ready and willing to accept a national band that doesn’t compromise and doesn’t indulge in the idea that music from Latin-America needs to sound salsa or tropical in order to succeed. Feeling pressure at last to release an album, the group, which features a drummer, two guitarists, and a VJ, is finalizing the recordings along with talks to perform at next year’s seminal event: the Vive Latino festival, which gathers the greatest musical artists from across the Latin American world. For a taste of what The Melovskys have been up to, both Tip Records: and Diablito Records: have compilations featuring the band’s music and of course their Youtube page: has a firsthand look at their most recent, blistering live shows.

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